St. Patrick’s Day is for Music Lovers

March 14, 2021

Some folks say that everybody’s Irish around St. Patrick’s Day. They pop on their green clothes and drink their green beer, but it ain’t what you wear; it’s what you hear. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, The Dubliners and even The Pogues all sang the songs of the Emerald Isle. One such song is The Rare Old Mountain Dew. The song happens to be an ode to what’s known in Ireland as “the water of life” also known as poitin or Irish whiskey. As an homage to that ode, we’ve created this T-shirt/hoodie pair featuring the Emerald Isle herself topped with a bottle of that mountain dew.

Show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit with either the T-shirt or Hoodie and be sure to drink plenty of that Sweet Poitin from Ireland Green.